Runaway to San Diego

e·lope /əˈlōp/ noun:
to run away secretly in order to get married

Your simple to plan low-cost Runaway to San Diego celebration is the perfect alternative to going to the local County Courthouse or the “cheezy” Vegas Wedding Chapel and without a lot of the restrictions made by the other elopement services you’ll find when trying to book a quick and easy celebration.

Runaway to San Diego Special

Too Good To Be True”
Elopement/Photography Special

What’s Included:

  • A multi-award winning San Diego wedding Chaplain.
  • A romantic, fun and lighthearted elopement ceremony with your choice of presentation; Civil/Secular, Spiritual or Christian.
  • Filing of your marriage license following the ceremony in person or by postal mail with issuing County Clerk if requested.
  • Choice of two romantic locations.

What’s Included in the Photography package:

  • Everything listed above and…
  • Professional photography provided by a local San Diego Wedding Photographer (not a newbie from Craigslist…).
  • All of the wedding photographers associated with Elope to San Diego have worked with us for over 10+ years.
  • Your celebration includes: 1 hour of service for Ceremony coverage and photos following.
  • A Minimum of 36+ edited/finished images.
  • Print Release included.
  • All full size images delivered via convenient web download.

Additional Information and Conditions:

  • California Marriage License must be obtained by couple.
  • Up to 4 guests. (Maximum – No Exceptions)
  • Both offers listed are valid through December 30, 2020.
  • Not valid on any Holiday or Holiday weekends; Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and is Based on Availability. Services may be available with Elope to San Diego on these dates.
  • No expensive ceremony permit required at either of our two locations. (Saving you $181.00)

Elope to Coronado - | PHOTO: ©Photograph Aloha - All Rights Reserved | Elope to Coronado is a service of Elope to San Diego™ and Vows From The Heart
The Dunes of the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island’s Central Beach
Elope to Oceanside - | PHOTO: ©Photograph Aloha - All Rights Reserved | Elope to Oceanside is a service of Elope to San Diego™ and Vows From The Heart
Oceanside Cassidy Street Location “San Diego’s North Shore”

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Why choose us?

Over 4,000 documented ceremonies to date!

Vows From The Heart Ministries (Runaway to San Diego) holds an A+ Rating with the San Diego Better Business Bureau and, has won the prestigious San Diego Better Business Bureau “Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics”.

NO OTHER San Diego area elopement service has won this prestigious award which validates professionalism, integrity and marketplace ethics to couples around the world!

We’ve not had to change our name to avoid bad reviews, low ratings or reputation in the marketplace!

Beware of the other elopement services in the area making unsubstantiated claims. ANYONE can say they’ve been performing weddings in San Diego for generations, or create their own emblem proclaiming they are the BEST, the BIGGEST, the OLDEST or MOST TRUSTED. Those claims don’t mean a thing without an objective, 3rd party accreditation or governance to back them up!

Check out these REAL objective, 3rd party awards
for Elope to San Diego™
(No homemade banners claiming to be the Best or Most Trusted!)

Runaway To San Diego - A service of Elope to San Diego™ | (619) 66-ELOPE | (619) 663-5673

Runaway To San Diego - A service of Elope to San Diego™ | (619) 66-ELOPE | (619) 663-5673 

Vows From The Heart (aka Runaway To San Diego)…The only San Diego Wedding Officiant to win this award 12 years in a row!

Runaway To San Diego - A service of Elope to San Diego™ | (619) 66-ELOPE | (619) 663-5673

Runaway To San Diego - A service of Elope to San Diego™ | (619) 66-ELOPE | (619) 663-5673

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: Don’t forget to look at Yelp’s hidden reviews about us too! You’ll find a few more 5-STAR reviews there.


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The Ceremony

Just what the word “Elope” implies! Just the two of you running off to Elope San Diego style to get married, feet in the sand in front of the Chaplain. Much better than waiting in a long line at the courthouse or a smoke filled Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Plus, you can’t beat the view with your feet in the Coronado Sand!

Easy. Casual. No hassle. Great pre-wedding day communication and follow up. Beautifully handled and well spoken. – (Yelp!)

Your Runaway to San Diego Wedding Officiant is focused on making your elopement ceremony everything it should be without the high costs associated with other ceremony services in the area.

“Happy”, “Lighthearted” and “Joyful” are just a few words to describe the type of ceremony they are part of. Whether a civil type ceremony, spiritual or religious, they focus on their couples without any judgement or personal agenda.

The best part of serving as a Chaplain? Being able to serve couples of all faiths and beliefs without Judgement or personal agenda!

In addition to a Romantic, Fun and Lighthearted celebration, you have your choice of the type of ceremony that is presented to you:

~ Civil Type Ceremony – A warm and romantic ceremony focused on the love of the two of you and a romantic reading or two to set the proper mood.

~ Spiritual Ceremony – A more traditional ceremony focused on God’s love that includes a marriage prayer and ring blessing.

~ Non-Denominational Ceremony – A Christ centered ceremony with a marriage prayer, ring blessing and scripture.

Plus, our couples are invited to speak openly to each other following traditional vows to make their ceremony more personal and complete. If you’re bringing along the items needed for the Sand Ceremony or Lei Ceremony, Not a problem and no additional charge (like the others).

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Let us share with you what sets us apart from the other elopement services in San Diego when it comes to the extras.

  • WE DO NOT take a referral fee or commission from any vendor associated with Elope to Coronado™! As a matter of fact, Only vendors that agree to offer their services at a discounted rate are part of Runaway to San Diego / Elope to San Diego services!

The Glorietta Bay Inn Special

Runaway To San Diego - A service of Elope to San Diego™ | (619) 66-ELOPE | (619) 663-5673We are very proud to have a wonderful working relationship with The Glorietta Bay Inn, a charming boutique hotel is located in the heart of Coronado a block from the local shops, restaurants and world Famous Hotel Del and just 2 blocks from your Elope to Coronado™ dunes elopement location! With 11 Mansion Rooms and 89 Contemporary Rooms and Suites, Glorietta Bay Inn takes you back to a world of historic beauty with all the modern amenities. Plus, as a bonus, All rooms include complimentary continental breakfast. Not valid 6/15 through 8/15 or any major holiday weekend. Based on Availability


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Booking Info

The key to our success is making your planning very simple.

  1. Book your Runaway to San Diego special.
  2. Secure additional Elope to San Diego vendors with the information you receive from us after booking.
  3. Make your travel and accommodation plans (if not local).
  4. Invite up to 4 (four) friends to join you if you wish. 
  5. Obtain your California marriage license (from any County) and bring it with you.
  6. Meet us at the selected location on the date and time agreed.
  7. Receive a fun, romantic and lighthearted stress free ceremony.
  8. We sign the paperwork and if requested, file it with your County Clerk on your behalf.
  9. Done, Done and Done!

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Last Minute? Not a problem… call us at 619.66.ELOPE (619.663.5673)